Advantage Car Rental

Advantage Car Rental

You may believe you’re getting a great deal when you choose the cheap rates of Advantage car rental. You’re not. Customers have been filing and advertising their Advantage rent a car complaints for years.

Advantage Rent a Car Burbank

A renter from southern California said of their July 2005 Advantage rental “Worst experience I’ve had in 20 years of travel and as a part of the travel industry.” Apparently, the car was shabby and became disabled within an hour after leaving the lot. It took a few hours of phone tag and being transferred from help desk to counter to finally receive a new car. Maybe it was the only time Advantage rental cars had ever broke down?

Advantage Rent a Car Reno

The Burbank incident wasn’t the first or the only issue former customers have had with the lack of dependable vehicles or service. After complaining about the sound of the engine and even taking it to a Chrysler dealer for a mechanic’s opinion, a renter was charged for the gas used during her trek from the rental agency to the dealer and straight back to the rental agency. She eventually disputed the charge on her credit card and received a refund.

Advantage Car Rental

Advantage Car Rental

Advantage Rent a Car Lawsuits

Despite their lack of customer service, Advantage rent a car problems have included few lawsuits naming them as defendants. They did, however, file suit against Enterprise car rental, claiming Enterprise used their “We’ll pick you up” slogan. Advantage eventually lost. Enterprise eventually got theirs, though, in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of former customers.


Many customers of Advantage car and truck rental have reported the same tactic – customers with a reservation for a small car type are told their car is not available and that they’ll have to pay for a larger vehicle. When the customer sees the lot, however, they find their reserved size is available, as are smaller (and less expensive) autos.
Another general complaint about Advantage car rental is their shady policy of charging $2 a day for roadside assistance (they have to pick up their broken down car and give you one that will complete your contract, anyway) without telling the customer.

Using Advantage’s System

Still want to rent a car from them? Head to Advantage rent a car home page (ARAC). Enter the dates, pick up location and car type you’d like to rent. Choose the car you’d like. Enter an Advantage rent a car coupon if you have one for a reduced rate in field next to “Advertised Rate”. Complete the form including your name, address and email. If you have an Advantage rent a car upgrade coupon, take it directly to the rental counter when you pick up the car.

Limited Locations

At least you won’t have to worry about facing the Advantage counter agents very often. There’s no Advantage rent a car in Anchorage, AK, New York or Ohio. Internationally, there’s no Advantage rent a car at the Toronto Pearson Airport or at any airport in the UK.


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