Avis car rental is a worldwide rental agency with just over two thousand offices around the world. If you are looking to rent a car, Avis can get you on the road.

International Avis Car Hire

In addition to the United States, you can choose Avis rent a car in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and the Caribbean. Avis car rental UK has nearly 100 offices. Avis car rental Australia has offices in more than 160 cities throughout the providences.

Understanding the Avis Car Rental System

Avis car rentals are a snap to reserve using their online system. The website for Avis rent a car is well designed and easy to navigate. From the Avis rent a car homepage, you can enter your location, dates and times of pick up and drop off, as well as the optional Wizard frequent traveler number, then press the CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP button.

If there are multiple offices in the city you entered, you’ll be able to choose the most convenient location on the next menu, then press CONTINUE. Next, enter any Avis car rental coupons or discount codes and child safety options. Press CONTINUE. Choose the car you would like to rent, the car types that are grayed out are not available at that location.

Press the CONTINUE button from the car choice page and on the next you’ll have the option to purchase additional insurance waivers. Press CONTINUE, enter a few pieces of personal information. Press CONTINUE again, and your rent a car from Avis will be confirmed. Print the confirmation number on the final page and keep it with you before you head to the rental office.

Avis Rental Car Deals

There are a number of Avis car rental hotels and flights partners offering additional miles for entering special codes when you reserve an Avis car. To find the Avis/Budget rent a car partners, click the Partners tab along the top of the webpage.

Once an auto has traveled tens of thousands of miles as part of the Avis fleet, it leaves the rental lot and heads to the Avis rental car sales lot. Most agencies, including Hertz, Avis and Budget rent a car put their cars on the auction block for a fraction of their suggested retail price. The rental company absorbs the depreciation and maintains it according to the manufacturer manual. If you choose to purchase a used rental car, consider hiring a mechanic to check it out thoroughly.


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