Budget Car Rental

Budget Car Rental

Budget car rental is a worldwide rental agency with thousands of offices dotting the globe. With offices on all continents except Antarctica, Budget rental cars are buzzing all over the world.

Inter-National Budget Discount Car Rental

Budget car rental Canada has offices in all twelve providences. There are Budget rental cars available in more than 50 cities throughout Canada.

Budget car rental New Zealand has offices in over two dozen cities. Budget rent a car Europe has offices in more than 40 countries, with over 200 cities served. Budget car rental Ireland has rental offices in nearly a dozen cities on the Emerald Isle while there are ten airport and another 120 city Budget car rental UK locations.

Understanding Budget’s System

Budget car and truck rentals are fairly easy to reserve using their online system. The website for Budget rent a car (Budget Rent A Car dot Com) is well designed and easy to navigate. From the Budget rent a car website you can enter your location, dates and times of pick up and drop off, as well as the optional discount coupon, then press the FIND THE BEST RATE button.

If there are multiple offices in the city you entered, you’ll be able to choose the most convenient location on the next menu. The next step is to choose the Budget car rental type you would like. Rates, passenger capacity and size are listed on a single page. Select the car you would like to rent and on the next menu you’ll choose options like safety seats, GPS, a ski rack and insurance waivers.

Press the NEXT button from the options page and on the next you’ll enter limited personal information then click the RENT IT! Button. Your reservation will be confirmed on the next page. Print the confirmation number on the final page and keep it with you before you head to the rental office.

Sign up for their frequent traveler program and your settings, including car type preference and credit card information, will be saved. It also makes pick up and drop off much simpler. Budget car rentals can be reserved in just two clicks and pick up takes just a minute or two when you join the Rapid Retz frequent renter program.

Budget Rental Car Sales

Once an auto has tens of thousands of miles as part of the Budget fleet, it leaves the rental lot and heads to the Budget car rental sales lot. Budget Rent a Car used cars often sell their late model fleet cars for a fraction of their suggested retail price, as Budget assumes the depreciation and maintains it according to the manufacturer manual.


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