Before you hop into the driver’s seat and turn over your car rental, you need to consider the rental car agency you’re using. With so many car rental agencies to choose from, it would be very prudent of you to do a little research before arriving at the counter.

To start, check to see if you’re already a member of any car rental agencies affiliates. Many frequent flyer programs have partnered up with rental car agencies to offer joint discounts to travelers. Delta Airlines, for example, sells discounted vehicle rentals on their website for a number of rental agencies like Hertz rent a car and Alamo car rental agency.

Look online for good deals through travel brokers as well as through car rental agencies websites. The early bird usually gets the worm but last minute deals are still offered often. Check the brokers then look at an individual agency. Alamo car rental agencies advertises their “Hot Deals” for last minute travelers and future planners as well.

Will you need to add an additional driver? Find out what your car rental agency’s policy is on an added driver before making your reservation. You don’t want to be dinged $10 per driver because you didn’t research it in advance. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re covered by the policies of the broker, you need to understand what the car rental agency policy says.

Don’t know where to find the policy of the car rental agency? Head to their website and look for “Policies” or “FAQs” or “Rental Information”.

Budget Car Rental Agency

As an agency, Budget car rental has been around for more than half a century, proving staying power. They have a flexible frequent renter program and a variety of car types. One downside, though, is that they are often more expensive than other rental agencies. They do, however, stand behind their cars and trucks.

You can find a Budget rental car list of agencies by going to their website and clicking the Locations tab along the horizontal menu at the top of the window.

Dollar Rent a Car Agency

Dollar rental car agency has been around for a few decades and offers considerably less expensive rentals than many others. They aren’t the cheapest of all rental car agencies but are cheaper than most. Their fleet is made up of Dodges and Chryslers primarily.

Enterprise Car Rental Agency

One of the benefits of renting from Enterprise is that they’ll “pick you up” even if you aren’t at the airport. Enterprise also offers fleet deals, allowing you to rent multiple cars at a time for a package price.


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