The Republic of Bulgaria or Bulgaria as it is more commonly called is a country in Southern Europe with a great deal of history behind it. As with all European countries with so much history to them, Bulgaria is full of a great deal of culture and there is a lot to see and do there for people who are interested in traveling and seeing the world.

Bulgaria car rentals are fairly common among those who travel to the country, whether it is for business or pleasure. One may not reason that Bulgaria has much of a tourist fascination, but Bulgaria car rentals say otherwise and the industry is a rather booming one.

You can rent a car in Bulgaria so that you can see all of the things that there are without having to worry about public transportation. Compared to American buses and taxis, Bulgaria’s methods of getting around are a bit different as they are different from that of many other cultures. Renting a car so that you can get around is probably a good idea for those who like to fill their days with a lot of things to do rather than spend a lot of time at their hotel or guest house.

Tarnovo is the name of the capital of the second Bulgarian Empire; you can get a Bulgaria rental car at a great price to travel to Tarnovo to see the ruins of the old capital. It is truly a sight for sore eyes for those who are traveling to soak up the history and culture of Bulgaria.

When you visit Bulgaria, you will probably get your Bulgaria rental car in Sofia. Sofia is Bulgaria’s type of a main metropolitan area; it is their biggest city and also happens to be their capital city. In Sofia, the seat of Bulgarian politics lies right in the middle of town and this is also one of the central attractions for Bulgarian visitors. The National Assembly of Bulgaria is right in the central of Sofia and it is quite a beautiful view with lovely Bulgarian design.

When you visit Bulgaria, you must get a rental car and drive to the coast; Bulgaria borders the Black Sea and that makes for a beautiful beach with a beautiful view that attracts quite a few picture taking tourists. Sinemorets is the name of the beach where the country borders the Black Sea, and you can also rent cars in Bulgaria in and around Sinemorets.


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