Planning a trip to China? You may want to hire a tour guide for much of your exploration but choose a day or two to adventure by yourself. By picking up a car rental in China, you’ll have some freedom to see what you want to see and stop whenever the urge strikes you.

Offers Car Rentals in China

At least one US Company offers car rentals in China. Avis offers car rentals in Beijing China, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou as well as Shanghai car rental service.

Shanghai car rentals

there are additional fees for Shanghai car rentals as well throughout China. The airport access fee is paid by rental companies to the airport for shuttle use. This fee is usually passed onto customers of car rental in China.

Beijing China car rental

A Collision Damage Waiver, or CDW, is offered and almost always required for Beijing China car rental as well as other cities. This is daily insurance that protects you from being liable for damages to the rental car. It does not protect you from prosecution if you cause an accident and the other person is hurt.

Insurance policy for Beijing China car rentals

Most travel agents will recommend you opt into the Loss Damage Waiver, or LDW, insurance policy for Beijing China car rentals and major cities. This policy type protects against theft and vandalism.

Passengers in the rental car

Personal Accident Insurance covers life and/or medical insurance for the driver or passengers in the rental car. A drop off charge is assessed if you return the rent a car in Beijing when you rented it from a car rental service in Shanghai, for example. This fee essentially charges you to return the car to its original site. Want to get in and out of the counter lines at car rental in Beijing, China? Choose the Express option when you make your reservation for a car rental for Beijing China and you’ll zip through line. You’ll pay a fee, though.

China Trip Tips

Before you set off to Beijing, research your Beijing China hotel, map, and weather, picture of hotel, travel and car rental itineraries. It helps to print out all of these and pack them in an accessible pouch of your carry-on baggage.

Traveling to Shanghai? Print and keep handy a copy of your research Shanghai hotel, map, and weather, picture of hotel, travel and car rental itineraries.


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