Car Rental Companies

Car Rental Companies

There are so many car rental companies in the mix, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the good from the bad. You can use car rental company reviews to weed out the car rental companies with poor service and substandard vehicles. Reviews will also allow the best companies to shine.

Want to find out who you’re dealing with? Use your favorite search engine to look for “COMPANY NAME consumer review”, entering the name of the car Rental Company or car rental companies you are considering renting a vehicle from. Alternatively, the Opinions website offers a number of reviews.


Most rental car companies will offer their own car company insurance for your rental. While the salesperson may think it’s very important that you have it, you may already be covered and not even know it. Before approaching the rental car company counter, contact your auto insurance company and credit card issuer to find out whether or not you are already covered, and what the limits are.

Local or National?

Local rental car companies may advertise the lowest rates, but cheap local car rental companies may change their story or conveniently be out of the car you reserved when you arrive. Nationwide rent a car companies often have corporate policies, regulations and rates so they are often the best car rental company choice, even if they cost a few dollars more.

Cheap Cars

Strapped for cash and looking for a cheap car rental company? Some online travel sites, like Travelocity, Orbitz and Hotwire offer low cost last minute deals. You can also find deals for both low cost rentals and cheap car hire companies by visiting the car companies.

Long Term Car Rentals

Sometimes you need a car for more than a few days. While most car rental companies offer weekly rates, they rarely offer reduced rates for multiple weeks or even months. One car rental company, Rent a Wreck, does advertise long term rental rates.

Even Longer Term Rentals

If you like a car you rent, Rent a Wreck rental Car Company has a sales department, with deals on previously rented cars. Buying a car from a rent a car company can save you a great deal of money since they absorb the new car depreciation. Be aware that the vehicles they sell are usually abused by renters. They do maintain them well, however, with routine oil changes, tire rotations and cleaning.

Car Rental Companies

Car Rental Companies


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