Does my company provide for any insurance coverage?

If you are on a business rental, check with your company about their policy concerning rental car insurance coverage.

Will they reimburse you the expense or should you decline the coverage?

If you are to decline, does the company have insurance to cover the car?

Will the company provide coverage for additional drivers of the vehicle?

If they do cover additional drivers, do those drivers have to be fellow company employees?

Does my regular insurance coverage transfer to rental cars?

Check these items with your insurance agent before you leave.

  • Is your rule up to date and valid through your entire fee period?
  • Are you enclosed in a rental car?
  • Is my attention valid if I letting or driving outdoor the United States?
  • What is your deductible?
  • Does your attention protect you in contradiction of underinsured or uninsured motorists?
  • Does your care pay for strike, or do you have to pay the Rental Company for lost fee days while the car is life mended?
  • Will your attention transfer totally too any type of rental, i.e. luxury car, convertible, sports car or van.
  • Does your attention have a time limit that will only shelter part of the rental period?
  • Would your coverage transmission to others in your party that strength also drives your rental car?
  • Will your coverage protect you against the medical claims of your passengers and others injured in the accident?

Does my credit card offer enough insurance coverage?

  • Most credit cards that say they will cover the rental car, offer only secondary coverage, so they will look to your personal insurance to cover the claim and then reimburse you any out of pocket expenses.
  • If you depending on your credit card for coverage, read your credit card agreement carefully so that you can fully understand the type of coverage they offer.
  • You at least want answers to the same questions that you would ask your insurance agent if you were planning on using your personal insurance for coverage.
  • Ask that current written copies of their policies be sent to you, so you can read them yourself.
  • Make sure you understand their claim procedure. The renter is ultimately responsible for any damage to the vehicle


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