Paphos is a vacation destination in the Mediterranean Islands, near Sicily. It gets a lot of over flow traffic from Italy, which is one of the prime vacation destinations in the European area. Paphos is a center of culture and diversity, and there is so much to do by way of Cyprus tours and Paphos rental cars. With the proper transportation about the island, you don’t have to worry about missing a thing on your Paphos vacation.

Paphos is in a small area of Cyprus, and is home to a lot of interesting sights and sounds. A Paphos rental car is a great way to be able to get around at your leisure, and see all that Paphos has to offer as far as archaeological wonders and culture go.

Paphos and Cyprus are very reminiscent of Greece and a great deal of the Ancient Greek culture is engrossed in present day Cyprus traditions. Hiring a car in Paphos is a good idea if you are one of those travelers that prefer to take themselves about rather than attend organized tours.
In ancient mythology, the goddess of Love was born in Paphos; her name is Aphrodite. Needless to say there are a great deal of references to the Goddess of Love Aphrodite and other aspects of mythology.

The Roman Governor’s palace is one place you might want to get a Paphos car rental to visit. If you are at all interested in art, the Governor’s palace is perfect for you because it is home to some of the most amazing murals made in a mosaic manner. If you do not wish to rent a car in Paphos to visit attractions like the Roman Governor’s Palace, then you can attend one of the organized tours that go out there multiple times a day. Some people choose to have the freedom to do what they want to do on their vacation, and Paphos rental cars provide the perfect freedom to do so.

In the same respect, the castle of Pathos is another great place to visit. A Paphos rental car can take you there; it is the remains of an actual fort designed to protect the island from invasion.

You can get cheap car rentals in the Paphos airport from companies like Budget Rent a Car. Budget car rentals in Paphos are priced competitively but not as well as they would be in other destinations where rental cars might be more prevalent.


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