Culture, art, science and history – this is what makes up the majority of Vancouver, British Columbia. You could decide to depend on public transportation but it’ll much easier to get a car rental in Vancouver.

Budget Car Rental Vancouver

There are nearly thirty locations of Budget Rent a Car in Vancouver BC Canada and within a 50 mile radius. Finding a Budget Rent a Car in Vancouver is easy in and around the city, not just at the airport. Most Budget Rent a Car Vancouver locations do not accept debit cards unless they can also be used as a credit card.
When you arrive at the Budget Rent a Car and Vancouver Airport counter, be prepared to show your return ticket or, at the very least, your airline confirmation that you will be returning to the US. The rental agents may not release a rental car to you without proof of temporary status in Canada.

Dollar Rent a Car Vancouver BC has locations downtown at the landmark hotel, on West Broadway and on Southwest Marine Drive. Unfortunately, Dollar discount car rentals and Vancouver Airport have not yet struck a deal. Except for the Southwest Marine Drive location, Dollar Rent a Car Vancouver locations are open seven days a week. There aren’t many car rental Vancouver locations that are open on Sunday, so this is one benefit of renting from Dollar.

Vancouver Car Rental Tips

When you choose a car hire in Vancouver, don’t assume the same insurance you are covered by when you rent a car in the US will cover you in Canada. When in doubt, opt into the minimal insurance plan offered at the rental counter. Some Vancouver car rental agencies require that you do.

Before driving off in your car rental in Vancouver, make sure you check for damages and try out the car – do you understand how to drive it? While they have very much the same laws and driving habits as US drivers, their car selection may include cars you’re not familiar with.

Find cheap car rentals for Vancouver travel by visiting online travel brokers. In addition to cheap airfare, they usually list a few cheap car rental Vancouver deals for combining air fare, hotel and a car.

Already have your airline tickets? You can check for deals for a Vancouver car rental at agency websites. Enterprise Car Rental Vancouver locations advertise weekend and weekly specials. Alamo Car Rental Vancouver offer free upgrades frequently.


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