The website for Enterprise Car Rental is organized, if a bit cluttered. From the Enterprise Car Rental website you can enter your pick up and drop off location, dates and times of pick up and drop off then press the SEARCH button to see the rates of the cars they offer. Two of the great features on their home page is their Specials section and the ability to choose specific car classes to view the rates of.

Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental has over a thousand offices throughout the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Germany. Not only are Enterprise car rentals available at major airports, there are plenty of rental offices in neighborhoods as well.

Looking for an Enterprise Car Rental in Boston? There are nearly two dozen in Bean Town and the surrounding suburbs. Heading to posh Bar Harbor? Enterprise Car Rental has luxury rental cars like the Lincoln Town Car to help you fit right in.

Understanding Enterprise Car Rental’s System

As mentioned earlier, car rental coupons from Enterprise Car Rental are offered on the home page of their web site. Enterprise car rental coupons are available online and in coupon books around the world. Use your favorite search engine to look for “Enterprise Car Rental coupons” and plenty of discount codes will result.

Coupons for Enterprise Car Rental may be valid only on specific days, locations or car classes. It pays to read the fine print before you walk up to the rental counter.

Enterprise car rental are fairly easy to reserve using their online system. Head to their web page, enter the dates and location you’ll be renting, choose your vehicle class if you like and enter your Enterprise car rental coupon, if you have one.

Press the orange SEARCH button and the available vehicles, along with their rates, and the hours and locations in the vicinity will appear on the next page. Select the car you’d like, enter your information in the fields on the next page and your reservation will be complete.

Other Services and Products

One of the welfares of letting Enterprise Car Rental is their extensive diversity of extra facilities and crops. With hand skillful vehicles for handicapped motorists, cash fees, senior discounts and child safety seats obtainable for rent, you can find what you need at Enterprise Car Rental. If you know you’ll need one or more of these, do a web search for Enterprise Car Rental coupons offering one free facility.

Once an auto has put on tens of thousands of miles as part of the Enterprise Car Rental fleet, it leaves the rental lot and heads to the Enterprise Car Rental sales lot. Enterprise Car Rental used cars often sell their late model fleet cars for a fraction of their suggested retail price, as Enterprise Car Rental assumes the depreciation and maintains it according to the manufacturer manual.


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