Is there a Hong Kong adventure in your future? You may want to hire a tour guide for much of your exploration but choose a day or two to look around the city by yourself. By picking up a car rental in Hong Kong, you’ll have some freedom to see what you want to see and stop whenever the urge strikes you – and you can afford the expensive parking rates.

Cheap Hong Kong Car Rental, or Public Transport?

It’s not so hard to rent a car in Hong Kong, the big question is whether or not you really need one. With a superb public transportation system, including plenty of taxis, a train and subway system as well as busses, you can get anywhere you need to go without paying much.

While the daily and weekly rates will fit nearly any budget, Hong Kong car rental can be very expensive when it comes to parking. With land at a premium, many businesses charge an arm and a leg to park your car.

If you decide to go the route of a Hong Kong vacation car hire or taxi to get around, make sure you request your driver turns on his or her meter before taking off. Some drivers have been known to charge tourists very high taxi fares by feeding off their ignorance.

Car Rental in Hong Kong

Once you’ve decided on a Hong Kong car hire during your holiday, you’ll find most of the major rental agencies we’re used to in the US also own counters in the Hong Kong airport. Avis, Budget, Hertz and Alamo each offer Hong Kong discount car rental offices.

Hong Kong Car Rental Insurance

Hong Kong car rental companies and individuals are required to sign you up for collision damage, personal accident and loss insurance. These policies will protect you from litigation if the rental is damaged, if you are involved in a personal injury accident or if it is stolen.

Tips for Discount Car Rentals in Hong Kong

You can find budget car rentals in Hong Kong at the airport if you are really adventurous, but it’s recommended you speak with your travel agent or book a car online before you go.

Before you set off to Hong Kong, research your Hong Kong hotel, map, weather, picture of hotel, travel and car rental itineraries. It helps to print out all of these and pack them in an accessible pouch of your carry-on baggage.


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