There are plenty of reasons to car rental one way. A one way car rental can add excitement to a vacation, help a long distance move or get a new car purchaser to their new car rental. Whatever the reason, one way car rental deals are out there ready and waiting to be found.


A car rental trip across the county or country may sound like fun, but so does a 4 hour flight back home. Consider a one way car rental as a way to see your region or the entire country with a quick return home. Look for cheap one way car rentals that afford you enough space for your passengers to relax. Don’t forget about the luggage and camping gear, if you’ll be roughing it.

Choosing a car rental

These days, you aren’t limited to a compact or luxury vehicle when choosing a car rental one way, many one way car rental deals are valid on trucks and mini vans. You will usually pay a bit more for these upgrades but the cost is negligible compared to airline tickets stopping throughout the US.

One fun road trip may start with a one way car rental in Newport News, VA and follow the coast south through Miami, then on to Baton Rouge and ending in Houston, Texas. After spending time in the Lone Star State, you can hop a plane back home to Newport News, leaving your one way car rental deal in Houston.

UK car rental

Visiting Europe? A UK car rental one way from London, through Bristol, north to Liverpool then on to Scotland and the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and further north still to Aberdeen. Once you’ve had your picture taken with Nessie, drop your cheap one way car rental off at the airport as you fly back to London on a commuter flight and head home.


Moving your household is never easy or fun but it doesn’t have to be miserable. Even if you do the packing and loading yourself, you can enjoy the drive to your new home and make a bit of an adventure out of it if you utilize a one way car rental.

As with your one-way vacation road trip, you can choose a van or even a fancy Hummer as a one way car rental. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can inquire about a car rental one way and tow your car rental behind your moving truck. Some moving companies, like U-Haul, offer one way car rental trailer for just a few dollars a day when you rent a large truck. You may consider hiring a college student or retiree to drive the moving truck and trailer while you enjoy the scenery from your one way car rental.

New Car Purchase

EBay has opened up the automobile market, enabling someone in California to get a great deal on a car rental in Missouri. Of course, unlike a set of mixing spoons, you can’t take a Ford to the post office and send it thousands of miles to its new home.

If you are a new car purchaser, you should strongly consider a cheap one way car rental to get you to your new auto. If it’s less than a day’s drive away, look for a one day car rental one way. Chances are, you’ll save at least 50% over a one-way plane ticket.


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